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Two Tin Pouch

Yes, we call this a pouch but it fits two tins like a glove! When we say “tins” we are referring to altoids style tins that are so common in the world of outdoors, sports, hobbyists, craftsmen and the list goes on. The two tin pouch is hand cut from a medium weight veg tanned leather hide. The leather is then dyed the color of your choice. We do this with a “brush on” method so that the dye pattern is unique to your pouch. There may be many like it but this one is yours and will stand out as such. A leather balm meant to help protect leather and richen colors is applied. The fasteners for attaching the belt loops are post and burr rivets. Each one is cut to length and peened over an anvil with hammer and setting tools. The closure hardware of your choosing is put on and then the pouch is ready to take shape. Each sewing hole is chiseled for a strong stitch pattern using what we believe the be the strongest and best looking thread you can buy. Just like all of our products it gets a strong topcoat and inspection before it’s shipped off.We have heard from many people about how they use their pouch. Fire starting kits, fishing lures, outdoor cooking spices, first aid kits to name a few.  We would love to hear from you on how you chose to use your two tin pouch. From your friends at the Shankle Homestead


 Being a handmade product, size and color may vary slightly.

Two Tin Pouch

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