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Front Pocket Stash Wallet

The main part of this wallet is cut from veg tanned leather of the appropriate thickness for a sleek front pocket wallet. Dye is brushed on in a pattern unique to each wallet so no two are the same. It is then folded and glued to make the center pocket. The curved leather is then put on with glue around the edges to give it strength, rigidity and create the two outside pockets. All the previously glued seams are then sewn with what time and experience has taught us to be the strongest and best looking thread in the business. The edges are then smoothed and burnished.

Beeswax is rubbed along sewn edges and then buffed for a satisfyingly clean and protected edge. The body of the wallet is also given a top coat and every pocket checked before being sent out.


We are proud to have been able to get this product out to so many. It has allowed us To hear many creative ways that the front pocket stash wallet is used to protect property and give peace of mind.


We would love to hear from you, don’t be a stranger!


From Your friends at the Shankle homestead


Being a handmade product, size and color may vary slightly.

Front Pocket Stash Wallet

Only 9 left in stock
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